Phase III Cleanup

Phase III Environmental Site Assessments (Cleanup)

The Phase III Environmental Site Assessment (Cleanup) is conducted on a site that has a detailed and complete Phase II. The Phase III Cleanup may involve digging and removal of the impacted soils, or possibly capping the site with asphalt and limiting site access or building use at the site. The Phase III is generally considered the Third step in the process of environmental due diligence. If a site is impacted and the size, amount and affected media is defined, a cleanup can be customized for speed, cost, and viability. Items may include groundwater pump and treat, chemical injection, soil removal, on or off site soil cleaning, site capping, or a combination of several methods. Near the end of the process a Phase II type investigation including drilling, collecting soil and possibly water samples from the surface and at depth, and analyzing the samples for a range of chemicals which were present at the site will be completed. These analytical results are compared to the state clean up levels to prove the site is cleaned to acceptable levels.