Environmental Desktop Review

(with Historical Research and Risk Evaluation)

The Environmental Desktop Review with Historical Document Search (Desktop Review) process identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities to a limited extent.

The Desktop Review includes obtaining and reviewing available State and Federal environmental databases, for the subject property and nearby surrounding areas. The RDR includes information on sites of known contamination and/or environmental activities which have been reported to State and Federal agencies. The Desktop Review also includes a Review of Historical Documents, such as Aerial Photographs, Historical Topographic Maps, Fire Insurance Maps, and City Directories (as available).

Enviro Assessment, PC will provide a summary letter on the results of the database search, and whether the subject property and/or nearby or adjacent properties are identified. Desktop Reviews are typically ordered on vacant land, agricultural land (without major farming operation structures), office condos, and even for residential housing for both new loans and refinancing.

Please note, this is not a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and does not conform to the ASTM standard or the EPA AIA rule for due diligence.  Therefore, you may not be fully protected by the law with this type of Report. 

The study will include:


Enviro Assessment, PC will conduct a review of Federal, State, and Tribal Environmental Records Sources as defined in the ASTM Standard E1527-13 Section 8.2.1.

The review includes researching the Subject Property and up to one mile surrounding the Subject Property. Based on information located in the Database Search, surrounding properties may be determined to have likely impacted the Subject Property and may therefore, be a Recognized Environmental Condition.

Enviro Assessment, PC may include additional databases (when available) as defined in Section 8.2.3 of the ASTM Standard. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Local Brownfield
  • Local Lists of Landfill/Solid Waste Disposal Sites
  • Local Lists of Hazardous Waste/Contaminated Sites
  • Local Lists of Registered Storage Tanks
  • Local Land Records (for activity and use limitations)
  • Records of Emergency Release Reports (42 U.S.C. 11004)
  • Records of Contaminated Public Wells
Before After


Enviro Assessment, PC will conduct a review of the Physical Source Settings as defined in the ASTM Standard E1527-13 in Section 8.2.4 and Historical Use Information as defined in the ASTM Standard E1527-13 Section 8.3.

The historical search includes reviewing documents for past uses of the Subject Property. The documents Enviro Assessment, PC reviews include the following sources (as available):

  • Aerial Photographs
  • Fire Insurance Maps
  • City Street Directory
  • USGS Current and Historical Topographic Maps
  • Building Department Permit Records


A Report of Findings, Opinions and Conclusions will be provided in Digital Format. No hard copies are provided, as the research includes digital sources with hyperlinks that do not translate into hard copy reports. A limited Hard Copy Report can be provided for an additional fee. Recommendations are provided under separate cover as a letter. Any Recommendation provided is only for the client and is based on our professional opinion and the client’s risk tolerance.

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