Enviro Assessment, PC has extensive experience with geological investigations and how geological features interact with modern day construction activities. Whether it’s landslides, erosion, liquefaction, frost issues, settlement, wetlands, ultramafic rock and radon gases intrusion, earthquake, or flooding, Enviro Assessment, PC has investigated and provided mitigations for these natural occurring and potentially devastating geological occurrences.

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Geological Inspection

Often referred to as Prior to Purchase Geo’s or as Geological Reconnaissance Reports, a Geological Visual Escrow Inspection is an inspection that is usually recommended by The Realtor Association for any site being purchased within a hillside community. The inspection typically takes 1-4 hours at the subject site. During the inspection, the exterior and interior of the residence, and the exterior area of the property are inspected for any signs of geologically caused distress or potential geological issues. Some of the possible concerns include drainage control, landscaping, foundation and subfloor (if any) conditions, soil creep, expansive soils and non-permitted structures. Reports are usually completed within 3-5 business days after the geological inspection of the site.

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